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If you are suffering from arthritis-related knee pain and are searching for a non-surgical solution, look no further than Minnesota Arthritis Center. Where most doctors run out of solutions, Minnesota Arthritis Center offers hope and healing. Our cutting-edge methods of health care and treatments, coupled with state-of-the-art technology set our clinic apart from others.

Minnesota Arthritis Center was established in Maplewood, Minnesota to provide high-quality treatment for knee pain sufferers. Through our unique approach to knee pain, we’re able to design a program that fits your schedule and is catered to your needs. With years of knowledge and experience, every patient is made to feel comfortable at our clinic and confident in the level of care we provide.

We offer a Free Initial Screening

It’s important that our patients feel relaxed and comfortable when determining if our treatment is right for them. Therefore, we offer free, no obligation initial screenings so that we can better understand your health-related issue and you can make your final decision