Stop the Pain and Discomfort of Varicose Veins

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Stop the Pain and Discomfort of Varicose Veins


New Hope for People in Minnesota

We are now offering Free Screenings for our FDA approved and proven, non-invasive solution for varicose veins. Schedule your free consultation with one of our varicose vein specialists today.

How has your life been affected by varicose veins?
  • Is your mobility limited?
  • Do you avoid some activities?
  • Do you have pain or cramps
    in your legs?
  • Are you embarrassed when others
    see your legs?
  • Do you feel swelling, heaviness or
    achiness in your legs?
  • Have you noticed loss of soft skin
    texture or pigmentation?
  • Are you considering surgery or
    stripping to get relief?
  • Do your legs feel restless?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be a good candidate for MOCA vein treatment.

How Does Our Treatment Work?

Our experienced medical team utilizes a variety of industry-leading procedures to treat varicose veins. One popular and scientifically proven treatment is called the MOCA procedure otherwise known as ClariVein®.

This cutting edge procedure works completely inside the vein. Because it is performed through a tiny entry point there is no risk of nerve injury, no need for anesthesia, and there are no stitches or staples. Each patient receives the full expertise and attention of our experienced medical team in determining the course of action that will deliver the best possible outcomes.


Understanding Varicose Veins

Veins are soft walled tubes that allow blood to return to the heart from legs and arms. Valves located inside the veins only allow for blood to pass in one direction. Over time, valves can weaken and the walls of the vein begin to expand as blood pools. This causes enlarged veins called varicose veins that begin to protrude in thick, elongated, and twisted patterns.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

This procedure is relatively quick and performed while you are awake. There is no need for hospitalization, and you’ll be able to walk immediately and return to most activities with few limitations. After treatments, many patients say they wish they had started the treatment sooner and would recommend treatment to a loved one.

It’s Fast. It’s Easy. It’s Virtually Pain-Free.

Are You A Good Candidate for this Treatment?

Some patients report no symptoms in relation to Varicose Veins while others are severely limited in mobility and daily activities.

Will my insurance cover this treatment?

Yes. Most insurance plans including Medicare will cover our treatments. Our free screenings are available to anyone and include a free insurance evaluation and payment option consultation.

How Do I Know This Treatment is Right for Me?

In most cases, if you have varicose veins, this is a great solution. Our doctors will conduct a thorough screening and give you an honest and fair evaluation of your particular condition. Space is limited so call today to schedule your complimentary vascular screening.

Free, Complimentary Varicose Vein Screenings.

Spaces for Free Screenings are Limited. Call (651) 967-7614.

Take advantage of this special promotion for one of our newest services! We are now offering FREE, complimentary varicose vein screenings. Contact Minnesota Arthritis Center in Maplewood, MN at (651) 967-7614 to schedule your free screening. We look forward to restoring your veins to health and providing you with the pain relief you deserve.

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